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Shieldex® Yarns

Shieldex yarns
Thanks to its anti-static and anti-bacterial properties as well as their high electrical and thermal conductivity Shieldex® yarns are most versatile.

Silver plated polyamide yarns can be used just like non-coated yarns for twisting, warp- and weft-knitting, embroidering, weaving and spinning. They are used among many other things as a conductor in sensors, for the manufacture of clothing and home textiles as well as smart textiles.

Shieldex® silver yarns are available as monofilament, multifilament and twisted yarns. In addition, highly conductive (HC) and antibacterial yarns are available.

Multifilamente Yarns:

33/10 dtex rd Z turns

33/10 dtex rd Z turns, antimicrobial

33/12 dtex tr Z turns

33/12 dtex tr Z turns, antimicrobial

44/12 dtex rd Z turns

44/12 dtex rd Z turns, antimicrobial

78/18 dtex tr Z turns

78/18 dtex tr Z turns, antimicrobial

117/17 dtex Z 100 HC+B

235/36 dtex HC

Monofilamente Yarns:

22/1 dtex rd

80 Micron

100 Micron

125 Micron

400 Micron

600 Micron