Shieldex Gewebe

Shieldex® Woven Fabrics

We plate Shieldex® fabrics throughout with 99 % pure silver and are able to apply additional coating – depending on the field of application – with copper, nickel or tin. The type of coating serves either the significantly higher shielding properties, corrosion protection or abrasion resistance.

Woven Fabrics are formed by weaving. These are available in both a basic plain weave (PW) which is plain and durable, and a rip stop weave (RS) that is reinforced to resist tearing.

Shieldex® fabrics are used for many different applications. For example as a textile, flexible circuit line board, sensor technology, resistance heating and because of the light weight and flexible, textile structure for RF shielded enclosures, curtains, pouches, I/O panels, antimicrobial purposes, thermal applications and IR reductions.

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Shieldex® Berlin: Silverized Nylon-Parachute Silk with RS binding + additional PU cover

Shieldex® Bremen: Silverized Nylon-Parachute Silk with RS or PW binding

Shieldex® Budapest:  Silverized Organzaweave PA6 Monofil

Shieldex® Kassel: Silverized Nylon-Parachute Silk with RS binding and addtional Copper coating

Shieldex® Nora: Silverized Nylon-Parachute Silk in RS binding and additional Copper/Nickel coating

Shieldex® Nora Dell: Silverized Nylon-Parachute Silk in RS binding with additional Copper/Nickel coating

Shieldex® Zell: Silverized Nylon-Parachute Silk with additional Copper/Tin coating in RS und PW binding