Statex Firmensitz


Statex Firmensitz

1978 Formation of Statex by Kurt Bertuleit in Bremen-Borgfeld

1983 Start of the production of the silver coated nylon yarns and fibres for permanent antistatic carpets

1987 First time complete silver coating of nylon and non-woven fabrics

1990 Start with the complete silver coating of nylon fleece

1992 Silver coated wovens and fleece fabrics obtain an additional metal coating to increase the conductivity. Available in Ag/Cu, Ag/Cu/Ni and Ag/Cu/Sn which is world first

2000 Registered at Lloyds Rigister Quality Assurance Cologne

2002 DIN ISO 9001 Certification

2003 Öko Tex Standard 100, product class 1 for the silver coated Shieldex yarns, fibres and fabrics

2005 Dedication and moving in the new company location “Kleiner Ort 11, Bremen-Horn”

2006 Accredited supplier for American military

2007 Innovation reward from University of Bremen

2008 Textiles for heating, Start of shielded tent production for test Labs and space science

2009 Shielding Pouch development

2011 Shielded Tent (OHB Aerospace)

2012 Shieldex develops products for water treatment

2013 Development of RFID Curtains

2014 Setup of own studio for production of pouches and EMV shielding and functional clothes

2015 Development of metallized textile conductive circuit paths for a worldwide Manufacturer of Tablets and mobile devices

2016 Reward of Innovation from the chamber of commerce

2017 Expand of the company by building a new Warehouse in Bremen, new machines to increase quality and quantity