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Shieldex® metalized conductive nylon fabrics provide vast flexibility for many different applications. They are plated throughout with 99% pure silver. The Shieldex® Silverell® line of fabrics is a combination of 99% pure silver nylon yarns and non-conductive yarns. Additional coatings such as copper, nickel, and tin can be applied depending on the field of use. The applications for plated fabrics are endless, some examples include RF shielding, medical, electrical, and sensing.

Non WovensShieldex® Non Wovens

Shieldex® non woven fabrics, modified with silver, copper,nickel or tin, are successfully applied in the field of electromagnetic shielding.

Shieldex® Knitted Fabrics

Silver-coated fabrics are of interest to the medical and textile industries among others thanks to their anti-bacterial effect.

Shieldex® Woven Fabrics

We plate Shieldex® fabrics throughout with 99% pure silver and apply additional coating – depending on the field of application – with copper, nickel or tin.

We are leading manufacturer of metallized fabrics for technical and EMI applications and are able to plate woven, non woven and knitted Nylon fabrics with Silver, Copper, Tin, Nickel or a combination of those.

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