Antistatische Lösungen für Teppiche, Luft und Raumfahrt und Bürokomplexe


Antistatic floor
Everyone knows it. If you are walking on a carpet made of synthetic fibers and you reach for the door handle, it will give you “a shock”. Human being can load themselves up to 13,000 Volt. Antistatic floor can help.

This abrupt discharging of the electronic voltage can cause technical issues or total failure in any electronic devices. The answer to this problem is our Shieldex®-silver-staple fiber. Our silverized yarns in antistatic floor coverings have been used for years in many offices worldwide and in the aircrafts of various airlines. They are also used in assembly lines, belts or articles of clothing.

Antistatic applications

  • Silver-coated fiber yarn for the manufacture of antistatic carpets in the aviation industry as well as for office complexes
  • Antistatic gaskets for computer industry
  • Antistatic gasket rings for dust binding on production machines
  • Antistatic yarns for the manufacturers of the band industry and big bags